Sabrina Lopez

Web House, Blanco and Ashby 2015

 Sabrina Lopez is muralist born in the heart of Texas, San Antonio. Her artwork is a beautiful expression of women and the stories they hold within. She uses bold linework to flow the eyes across blends of bold colors with contrasting highlights. Her work creates a space for uniqueness, creativity, and the female perspective. She is most known for her community murals as “Rabbit Rye”. Under her artist name, she has painted over 75 murals throughout the southern region of North America, self-published a book of poetry with digital art, and created a fiesta pin to commemorate it all. Sabrina plans to use her AA’s in Art and Business to collaborate with international artists, host local events, and work behind the scenes in local theatre. She is currently working on her Bachelor’s in International Business at the University of Incarnate Word.

Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

Art is a door to freedom for me. When I create, I am able to explore ideas and perspectives deep within. Everything I do requires research which inspires me to learn and share that knowledge with others. Painting murals is my way of leaving doors of freedom in communities. I create with many mediums however, I favor aerosol because with this I can create many textures and expressive lines. This creates a depth to my work that is felt way after it is seen. Many young girls love taking photos in front of the women I paint as well as draw their version of the murals I have painted before. Now that I have nieces, I am motivated to expand my portfolio with deeper thought provoking imagery to inspire the ever growing mind of girls and our communities.

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