Raul Rene Gonzalez

Music In The City - acrylic on birchwood panels, San Antonio City Hall permanent installation

Raul Rene Gonzalez is a multidisciplinary artist who incorporates an astonishingly wide range of mediums and methods in his paintings, drawings, sculptures, clothing, murals, installations, live and recorded dance and other performance-based work. Largely autobiographical in nature, his work explores topics such as fatherhood, gender roles, labor, identity, pop culture, science, and abstraction.


A prolific creator who finds inspiration anywhere and everywhere, Gonzalez is known by art critics, curators, and friends alike for his unwavering energy, ambition and experimentation that has led to the creation of several hundred unique works over the past decade. He truly lives his motto: “Werk. Hustle. Sleep. Repeat.”


A Houston native now based in San Antonio, Texas, Gonzalez’ experiences living in two of the biggest metropolitan cities in the country influence nearly all of his bodies of work—from detailed urban landscapes that pay homage to the workers who build and maintain our cities, to his wearable construction barrel suits, to his paintings that document key features of San Antonio’s musical history displayed permanently in City Hall.


Gonzalez’s work has been featured widely throughout Texas and the United States. His work is included in the permanent collections of the National Mexican Museum of Art (Chicago, IL), the National Hispanic Cultural Center Art Museum (Albuquerque, NM), Benson Latin American Collection (Austin, TX), Mexic-Arte Museum (Austin, T

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  • Sewing with Cecelia - acrylic on canvas

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