Rosa "Rosie" Torres

I have been a mover, shaker and kicker ever since I was in the womb. I came out kicking, punching and by the time I was toddler, I was jumping out of my crib. My mother shares with me that I have always danced. I am a mid-forties women with 25 years in the field of dance as it pertains to teaching, choreography, adjudicating, & preserving cultural heritage. My first dance studies began in my hometown of Laredo, Texas, a “border town”. This means, I was to learn one thing in a dance studio and another in the kitchen with my abuela and family. The fundamentals I learned at Laredo All American Dance Studio launched me into, Kilgore College Rangerettes, Southwest Texas State University, MA Dance, San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancer, former owner of La Danza Studio, and evolving into a dance educator, choreographer, adjudicator. Most recently, I have been practicing with traditional dance forms representing the danzantes of Kapulli Ayolopaktzin. Current teaching residencies include, Urban 15 and San Antonio Ballet School. Recent collaborations and studies with San Antonio Dance Fringe and Dancing Earth of New Mexico under the direction of Rulan Tangen. 



  • \"The Four Directions\" is my first solo piece since college. It was the debut of the resurrection of my performance life. My intention was to ask the four directions permission to continue moving my body to send messages of love, hope, reality into the future. To give reverence for my dance life up to that day and gratitude for my dance life into the future.

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