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My name is Shon Bell, I’m twenty-six years old, however, I go by Shonwhom on my socials. I’ve known that I was meant to be an artist when I was seven and started drawing along with taking art classes to the age of fourteen. During my middle school years, Youtube was gaining influence and I remember filming fan made music videos and skits with my best friends. To this day, I hope to god they’re nowhere to be found (it was middle school, of course it’s embarrassing to think about people being able to still watch what we made). Despite my body wanting to fold into itself at the thought of middle school me thinking I was hilarious, the process of recording and editing videos made me feel fulfilled. Just a few years after making home videos, I was accepted into Communications Arts High School where I was able to taking multiple media classes including Photoshop, Coding, Editing, Script Writing, and Video Announcements that were published every other Friday or so. During my senior year, my video announcements group and I were privileged enough to be in charge of shooting and editing a “Don’t Drink and Drive” campaign video that resulted in the five of us each gaining a two-thousand dollar check for our hard efforts. It felt so rewarding, I knew that video is what I was meant to do, whether that be in product, music videos, short films, ads or full-length motion pictures. Then I graduated High School and felt lost. I didn’t have money to apply to college nor did I have money to go t

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Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

I adore suspense, thriller, psychological and analog horror. It scares me but interests me because the genre, when done well, can make you question what you're actually afraid of. It's not scaring you for the sake of it, it will usually make you think about "what if this WAS real" because it borders the line of what could very possibly happen to you. To me, the genre makes me feel like I've been there or I've seen it before in a dream, something intangible that I can't one hundred percent recall but makes my gut cave in a little at the familiarity. When it comes to creating or writing media like a film (short or full-length) or music video, I love there being at least one twist or element that is just weird enough to stand out and make people feel uneasy. I like the idea of making people think or being a little weirded out. Death, Ghosts, Evil Vs. Good, Morality, Purgatory, Dreams, the Subconscious, Emotions, Psychology, Sociology  - these are all themes I usually love to touch on in some way, shape or form.  I feel like the more conversation around these topics, the less scary they might become or the more willing humanity might be willing to accept it. Along with that, I would primarily prefer to include woman of brown, black and/or asian ethnicity into my stories. Not necessarily focusing on their ethnicity but different minorities just existing in these stories. I'm just desperate to see different faces/bodies in media without it being a big deal.


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