Susana K. Marsch

Susana K. Marsch is fluent in English and Spanish, and gets by in German. Of Arabic, German and Mexican descent, she was born in Mexico City where she learned to read and write in Spanish and German at the Colegio Alemán Alexander von Humboldt, until her family moved to Boston, Massachusetts when she was eight years old. It was then she began writing short stories in her school notebooks. A lover of horror at heart, she began killing and vanishing her characters at this tender age. 

Four years later, the family moved back to Mexico City, and she re-enrolled in the Colegio Alemán until she graduated with a bachillerato and an Abitur. In the meantime, she kept writing tales of horror and the supernatural on an old hand-me-down computer. 

She has a degree in International Business Management from the Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico City. But Boston always tugged at her heartstrings and she moved there soon after graduating college. She worked in the financial industry, but switched careers to do what she loves best: writing. 

Boston winters are cold and brutal, and after a decade, she answered the siren call of San Antonio, Texas where she now lives, attends book clubs, film clubs, and swing dances every week. Susana is also a visual artist and often visits San Antonio’s art museums. She is discovering San Antonio’s rich history and loves attending the city’s varied cultural events.

“Rust: A Ghost Mystery Novel” is her first novel. Every Friday she posts a new flas ... view more »

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I am a multi-faceted artist. As a writer, I love writing fiction with quirky characters and often supernatural elements. Recently, I am writing in Spanish as well. As a painter, I focus on abstract art and portraiture, though I try my hand at other subjects as well. I have embraced digital art, and love to take my photos and manipulate them into something else.

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