Zach Goodwin

My life changed in 2019, when I won the audience award at South by Southwest for a short film I wrote, directed, and produced about the growing youth anxiety surrounding school shootings in America. That experience showed me that I was capable of making an effective and meaningful story through one of my favorite forms of art. Shortly after, I decided to move to Los Angeles to study and obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking; I’ve now graduated and continued to develop myself as a multimedia artist and narrative storyteller. My current creative pursuit and life objective is to bring what I’ve learned from LA back to my hometown of San Antonio and make an independent feature film with fellow Texas creatives. The script, titled Stitched, is a 118-page story about a man’s life told through the conversations held about him behind his back. This film is an ensemble family drama that spans decades, exploring the identity of the main character Theodore Terger and his disheveled relationships with his family, an element heavily inspired by my own life. My name is Zach Goodwin and I believe that life is about making art, and art is about what you make of life.

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