Karla Kopalli

Photo by Lupillo Conjunto

Karla Kopalli

Think of her as a visual interpreter. Her work has always been a bridge between three dimensions: nature, mind, and humanity. As a creator, Karla gets constantly involved with anthropological matters and cultural phenomena. Among her main quests is that of the truth revealed and the almost lost sense of human purity. Her studies in public art, sustainability and biomimicry have always guided her creative code onto a more “defensive” discursivity. 

She creates power symbols. One can easily recognize her profound respect for craftmanship and ethnic spirituality throughout her work. Her pieces reach a certain sense of documental tenacity that drives the spectator to an almost spiritual trance. 

Karla has shown her work in different contexts and spaces; searching for a non-museographical transcendence led her to become a fierceful creator. She doesn’t follow inspiration as it goes; to her, every art project she starts is -naturally- collective and necessary. 

Luis ramaggio.



  • Yarn Painting workshop for kids and adults (Duration 10 min). Learn about a traditional technique Wixárika artists utilize to portray their sacred connection with Nature. Using simple materials at home, kids and adults can create meaningful yarn paintings.

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