Sophie Bolles

Pantie Oaklie Headshot Credit:JesseJamz

My name is Sophie Bolles – I have been a performing artist in San Antonio since the age of 13. I have worked in Musical Theater, classical Theatrical productions, original works, improv, costume, and burlesque in all capacities – production, performance and administrative roles.
Since moving home in 2022, I have been focused on producing works aesthetically in line with my past productions. My 2012 stage adaptation of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari won 8 ATAC awards, including script adaptation and costume design. This production was a 2012 Artist Foundation Finalist piece, as well as my play Breather – produced in 2013. I have produced burlesque shows of varying capacities here and in Colorado.
My focus continuing forward has been to use my experience and knowledge to produce aesthetically varied, engaging performances with audience participation and immersion.

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